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Ten reasons to hire a capital campaign firm instead of doing it yourself

When considering a capital campaign for your organization, the decision between managing it in-house or hiring a professional capital campaign firm is pivotal. While there are merits to both approaches, enlisting the services of an experienced capital campaign firm like Fellowship Development can significantly benefit your organization.

1. Maximized fundraising potential: When it comes to raising funds, the primary goal of any capital campaign, careful planning and execution are essential. By partnering with Fellowship Development, you gain access to experts who specialize in exceeding fundraising goals while increasing stewardship awareness. Our firm’s expertise ensures that your community can secure more resources to enhance its mission and reach, maximizing your fundraising potential.

2. Cost-effective stewardship strategies: Contrary to common perception, hiring a capital campaign firm can be a cost-effective choice. While managing a campaign in-house may seem financially prudent, the expertise and strategies that our team bring to the table often lead to higher returns on investment. The additional funds raised with our assistance can more than cover the expenses associated with professional campaign management, making it a wise financial choice, which is a key aspect of true financial stewardship.

3. Hands-on support: Conducting a capital campaign is a complex endeavor that demands significant time and resources. Managing it in-house can divert your team’s focus from providing essential spiritual and pastoral care to the community. In contrast, Fellowship Development’s model includes dedicated project management. This hands-on support allows your team to stay dedicated to its core mission while we handle the logistics, making it a more efficient and focused approach.

4. Dedicated onsite campaign manager: A dedicated campaign manager is a vital asset when conducting a capital campaign. Having someone onsite, fully committed to the success of your campaign, ensures that it receives the attention and expertise it deserves. This personalized support can make a substantial difference in campaign outcomes, which is often lacking when attempting to manage everything independently.

5. Proven track record: Experience matters in capital campaigns. With Fellowship Development, you benefit from a firm with a proven track record of success. Our extensive experience in conducting hundreds of campaigns and raising $2.9 billion for churches and schools speaks volumes. We bring tested strategies and best practices to the table, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful campaign compared to managing it yourself.

6. Planned giving expertise: Legacy support through planned giving is a valuable asset for any organization. Fellowship Development provides guidance on planned giving strategies to ensure a lasting legacy of support for your organization. Attempting to navigate planned giving independently can be challenging, while our expertise ensures a well-structured approach.

7. Foundation research and grant writing services: In addition to traditional fundraising, securing grants from philanthropic foundations is a valuable funding source. Fellowship Development offers professional services to discover, investigate and submit grant proposals to foundations. Our expertise in this area increases your chances of securing additional resources, which can be challenging to achieve when managing this aspect yourself.

8. Diverse expertise: Our team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds, including attorneys, architects, pastors, PR professionals and journalists. This diverse expertise ensures that your campaign benefits from a wide range of skills and perspectives, leading to innovative strategies and more effective campaigns.

9. Nationwide reach, local expertise: With campaign experience spanning 43 states and a network of campaign managers across the United States and Canada, Fellowship Development has a deep knowledge of diverse local communities. This profound local expertise can be a substantial benefit in significantly enhancing campaign success.

10. Comprehensive services: Fellowship Development delivers comprehensive services covering every campaign management aspect. This means you have a one-stop solution that streamlines the entire process, saving you valuable time and effort, which can be a significant challenge when managing all aspects independently.

While conducting an in-house capital campaign is possible, enlisting the expertise of a capital campaign firm like Fellowship Development can bring numerous advantages to the table. From maximizing fundraising potential and increasing general stewardship awareness to providing a dedicated campaign manager and diverse expertise, Fellowship Development has a proven track record of achieving success. When considering your next capital campaign, carefully weigh the many benefits of partnering with Fellowship Development. We’d be honored to help your organization reach its goals.