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Who We Are

Our Team

We hire our campaign managers – and every expert on our team – for their knowledge, expertise, and dedication to inspiring stewardship and building the kingdom. Our people view fundraising through the lens of faith and ministry. You can trust that your full-time campaign manager is 100% focused on only your campaign and will serve your community onsite three days per week. More than consultants, our campaign managers are project managers who work alongside your staff and are supported by the skills and expertise of Fellowship Development leadership and client services teams.

Jim Steier

Chairman of the Board

Brendan D.
Manson, M.B.A., M.A., M.Div.

President of Fellowship Development

MacGarret Becker, M.Ed.

Executive Vice President of Client Services

Melinda Berry

Vice President of Campaign Services

Julie Brown

Operations Administrator

Sarah Deeney, M.A.

Marketing Coordinator

Ben Giles, M.A.

Campaign Manager

Patricia Glasser, Capital Campaign Manager

Patricia Glasser

Campaign Manager

Joanna Gray, M.Ed.

Senior Campaign Manager

Rich Kaipust

Grant Writer

Becky Ludemann

Senior Graphic Designer

Brian Norton

Vice President of Communications

Monica Olson

Grant Writer

Ellie Raby

Graphic Designer

Natalie Ruch

Vice President of Executive Services

Sara Saenz

Communications Specialist

Mick Steier

Executive Associate

Tommy Steier

Finance and HR Associate

Tim Voss, CFRE

Campaign Manager

Kevin Warneke, Ph.D.

Client Advancement Director

About Fellowship Development

Fellowship Development partners with Christian churches, schools and nonprofits to inspire believers in building the kingdom through stewardship, fundraising and development. Rooted in Jesus Chris and God’s Word, we provide customized planning studies and capital campaigns that raise funds to advance your mission, while fostering Christian leadership and the faith of your community.

We serve Christian communities.

With partners ranging from Christian schools, churches and organizations, we have the experience to work with your community to address your specific needs. Our team is building on the foundation of 26 years of experience and over $2.9 billion dollars raised to create a division that will better help you serve your neighbors. We are true partners in prayer, service and mission.


To partner with Christian churches, schools and organizations to inspire Christian stewardship and build the kingdom through planning studies and capital campaigns. To partner with Christian churches, schools and organizations to fund ministries and form Christian stewards.

Careers with the Fellowship Development

If you are called to serve as a campaign manager at Fellowship Development, you’ll join a team of faith-filled experts from a variety of backgrounds who share a passion for Christian ministry. We believe that stewardship starts at home. Therefore, our campaign managers are full-time employees, not contractors, who serve onsite with a client three days/two nights per week so that they can spend ample time at home with their family and community.

If you’re looking for a career that is also a ministry, where you can improve lives while building the kingdom, contact us today.

Let’s discuss and discern your future at Fellowship Development. Contact us today.

How can Fellowship Development assist you?

Connect with us today! Tell us about your organization’s vision, goals and funding needs. Let us design a plan that helps you achieve your goals and advance your mission.