St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is a small community in Lincoln, Nebraska, with an estimated 150 registered families. With its 100-year anniversary on the horizon, it was the perfect time to address pressing needs and set the community up for a strong future. St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church partnered with the Steier Group for a campaign planning study and capital campaign. The St. Matthew’s 2025 campaign aimed to tackle the first tier of needs for the community – renovating the education wing and kitchen, refreshing the church’s interior and outdoor classroom, and adding additional restrooms. To expand its potential pool of donors, St. Matthew’s created a list of 50 former members, family of members or others with a connection to the church to also seek their support. St. Matthew’s also worked with the Steier Group to incorporate their annual stewardship commitment process into the campaign. The process was explained in the appeal letter and the pledge card allowed donors to make their decisions at the same time. These creative approaches helped the St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church community raise more than $475,000 to achieve all of the planned renovations.

“"In addition to our own campaign manager, the Steier Group team in Omaha provided wonderful support. The campaign materials were designed beautifully and helped inspire support from our community. Details were never overlooked."”

Mother Amanda Gott, Rector, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

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The Fellowship Development’s unique, hands-on campaign management model, combined with our world-class grant writers and creative fundraising strategies, allowed us to exceed goal.

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Our firm is founded on the belief that the best capital campaign is one that is customized and executed by one team, under one roof. When you hire Fellowship Development, you eliminate the need to contract with additional vendors for services like copywriting, graphic design, grant writing, video production, website development or wealth screening. We reject the one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising and embrace every opportunity to design a capital campaign plan that will maximize our client’s fundraising potential.

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