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2024 Christian fundraising trends to watch

With inflation returning to normal levels, 2024 promises to be a great year for fundraising, especially for Christian churches, schools and nonprofits.

Here are four Christian fundraising trends to watch in 2024:

Renew your commitment to stewardship: At Fellowship Development, stewardship is at the heart of what we do. Our onsite, full-service approach works best when filtered through a Christo-centric, stewardship-focused lens. Stewardship is more than cultivating a culture of financial giving; it means creating the avenues that allow all to share from the many ways that God gives abundantly. In our 26 years as a firm, we’ve found that organizations most committed to stewardship have the most successful fundraising programs and, often, the most connected communities.

Religious ‘nones’: A new study by Pew Research found that those that list themselves as unaffiliated with a religion – be that atheists, agnostics or those that do not identify with a specific religion – now account for 28% of the U.S. population. This is larger than those that identify as evangelical Protestants (24%) or Catholic (23%) and represent the largest group in the study. Obviously reaching these souls is larger than just an issue for fundraising. But it is a trend to watch as Gen Z moves away from supporting religious organizations.

Transparency and impact reporting: We all know you and your organization do amazing, important work in service of God and the Church. But do you donors know the work that you do? Consider sharing more than just a boilerplate financial report with your donors and community. Each year, take the time to share the great work you have done in and for your community. We all respond better to stories that show the impact our donations have on the world around us. In your financial report, be thorough. Make sure that your donors see they can trust you with their financial support. It will go a long way to building and maintaining trust with important members of your community.

Data analytics and donor insights: How much do you know about your donors? An informed fundraiser is a successful fundraiser. At Fellowship Development, we work with Donor Search to learn as much as we can about each partner’s donor database. We also run the database through a cleanup process to make sure that contact information is up to date. But you can go beyond the analytics as well – what do you know about your donor that will strengthen their relationship with your organization? Maybe you know that Easter is their favorite holiday and you take time to recognize them during the season. Or prioritize a hand-written thank you note for a long-time supporter. Even small touches can go a long way with stewarding a donor relationship.

What trends are you watching in 2024? If you have questions or there is anything Fellowship Development can do to support your fundraising efforts this year, please contact us.